Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lime Crime Centrifuschsia Opaque Lipstick

This is my first and only lipstick by LIME CRIME

Last year when I made an order on Lovemakeup website

 I decided to try up one lipstick by brand so much talked about around YOUTUBE

I decided to get the colour Fuchsia


What I love about this lipstick


(obviously the packaging)

Look how cute it is

the box and the bullet itself with this beautiful unicorn 

the shape of the bullet is pretty much identical to the MAC

another thing I love about this lipstick is 

the scent

it is vanilla scented like MAC actually even more stronger than the MAC lipsticks

I love it!

last thing I love about this lipstick is

the pigmentation

It is so well pigmented like an Amplified by MAC  

probably I will get some extra colours in the near future...
and you...

have you tried LIME CRIME lipsticks?

which colours do you recommend me?

let me know


Mika xxx


  1. Such a pretty shade.

    1. thanks It is very nice and the scent is so sweet like the mac even more vanilla :P