Saturday, 4 May 2013

MY HAIR: Before and After

I went to my hairdresser
finally after 17 months

I needed to cut my ends... and also I added some highlights

It is NOT a HUGE change

it looks pretty much like it used to be before...

I really like after all I didnt mind the way it was before...

now it is much better

my hair looks healthier and nicer

in my view

what do you think?

Let me know

 Mika xxx


  1. It's always nice to go to the hairdresser and let them pamper you a bit! :)
    I'm going to watch your video now to see how the colour turned out but I'm sure you're going to look great! Baciii

    1. thanks so much Sonja for your comment.. yeah every now and again It is nice indeed to go and feel special for a day :)

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