Friday, 13 September 2013

Collection PRO Intense Colour Lip Lacquare

Hi everyone today I want to show you these two lip lacquare by Collection
(ex Collection 2000)

this are called 

PRO Intense Colour Lip Lacquare

it comes in f different shades

I only bought two of those

It Girl

which is a pink colour


Prom Queen

which is more a nude pink

both of these shades are very glossy but still very pigmented

and they remind me a bit of the Rimmel Apocalips

very glossy not too sticky comfortable to wear and with a good staying power

these by Collection retail at
4.19 £

I really like them

tell me if you tried them


Mika xxx


  1. Love the second shade. I think I am going to try more things from this brand.

    1. you must, collection is a very good brand, lucky you to live in England :D