Friday, 11 October 2013

NOTD // S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in WOW!

It has been a while since my last NOTD post
the reason is easy to explain
I was away for 15 days and mostly I've been wearing nail polishes already reviewed 


that's the reason :)

this one I'm wearing today was part of my Austrian Haul I recently I uploaded on my Youtube Channel

and It is by a brand called S-he

(never heard that before, actually if you are familiar with this brand let me know your thoughts)

it costs me only 1,99 €
and to be honest I wasnt expecting any great result for that little money


I was wrong

the formula of this polish is so good and I really like the finish
the longevity of the polish is up to more expensive brands

so after all

a good buy

I also think this colour is so appropriate for Fall


what do you think?

Mika xxx


  1. I love this shade when it comes to nail polishes. I tend to wear this whatever the season.

    1. yeah I worn this over the last 3 weeks, I really love it :)