Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas is over..... 2014 and...... I discovered Pony Tail!

The Holidays are already over this year went so fast....
and as I heard around everyone else feel the same... time seems to have gotten faster over the last years....


I hope you had a beautiful time tomorrow is the last year of 2013
and I really look forward 2014... I feels it will be a very special year for me :D

anyway this Christmas I discovered pony tail

and I think I like it what do you think?

what I love about it is the lifting effect (face) 
it gives me the illusion to have a lifted face and eyes

so really it does make me feel younger :D


Probably you will seem me wearing it more often ;)


thanks for the support over 2013... and keep in touch for the next year

take care

Mika xxx  

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