Friday, 20 December 2013

Model co Cheek Lip tint Rosy Red

A lovely lips/cheeks stain is always handy to have
I'm not a huge consumer of it, but every now and again I like to wear a stain on my lips and cheeks
I think the staying power of it is unique

This one in particular is by a brand called

an Australian make up brand based in Sidney

which I discovered for the fist time from Glossybox

I received in the past other items from this brand but this one in particular really appealed to me

It retails for 18,00 € on Model co webstite

to be honest I dont know where else you can get it

I really like it
the only issue with this (and with all tint products)
make sure not to use any of your fingers to apply it

BECAUSE IT STAIN all day on it
and it is not nice going around with a bloody red finger tip.........

use a brush ;)


Mika xxx

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