Saturday, 25 January 2014

Mika Beauty Box January 2014

As I said in my Last Glossybox (IT) video I wanted to try to make a beauty box myself
I mean with the same budget of the glossybox (14ish euro) to pick 5 beauty items and make videos every months

this is my first attempt 

I hope you like it

actually if you haven't seen the video I leave you the link

I hope you like this new series of mine

let me know what you think


Mika xxx


  1. This is a good idea! I was never happy with glossybox and found I didn't use a lot of stuff that I received. It would make more sense to set the money aside and get some new things that I will actually use!

    1. absolutely :)
      it is a fun thing to do as well :)
      thanks for the comment, I'm just following your blog!