Friday, 28 February 2014

Meeting Essiebutton in Rome!!!

It was Thursday the 21st of February and I was boringly checking my facebook

and a second after a post by Essiebutton came out


and I went......  What???????

I HAVE TO GO.....................

so I did

and as the title of this post might suggests,

yeah indeed I meet 

the super pretty, smart, funny from Youtube

Estée more known as ESSIEBUTTON

and of course her partner Aslan

also along with them there were a good group of girls 

some from Italy and some from the US

I met some lovely girls from Rome

Anyway it was a very nice experience to meet them

and I'm glad I went

also... being in Rome I felt I couldn't help with not going to Sephora and to MAC

I did it.. and I made some damages....

but that would be in another post...

take care


Mika xxx

ps. by the way, Estée's skin is like porcelain she is so glowy and even more perfect than on video
(I felt I had to say that, cause that really impressed me) 


  1. Oh I'm a big fan of her as well! beautiful pictures! :)


    1. hi Almu, yeah she is adorable :)
      I guess next time will go to Milan and maybe you will be able to meet her for the meet up
      Do you like to live in italy? honestly :)