Wednesday, 12 February 2014

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Review

Finally after more than 3 months I have filmed this review
actually as it happened I filmed it twice, for the reasons I explained in the video itself

If you haven't seen it this is the LINK to it, have a look ;)
As I already said 
I LOVE this foundation to pieces
I know it is in the hight end (costing between 40 and 50, depends where you get it)
but seriously, it is worth the money

You can see from the demo in the video how it applies, how it looks but just for a better reference have a look the the pictures down below, 
my face with half of foundation on

to me is so visible the difference between the two sides
with or without 
the brightness that the Youth Liberator gives is amazing
and I love the glow effect without being oily at all

It is a foundation to try if you are over 30 and you want to bring back in time your face

let me know if you try it


Mika xxx

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