Sunday, 16 March 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Hi everyone
finally today I'm posting the pictures with all the swatches
from my beloved 
Chocolate Bar by Too Faced

actually if you haven't seen the video review of the palette check out the video

as you saw for that video review I'm totally in love with this palette
and all the shades in it.

As you can see from the swatches
which I made on my arm (and I have pretty dry skin)
without applying any primer or without wetting the brush

so basically in the very basic level you can see that only a few shades are harder to show

mostly the the couple of dark/matte
but I tried to use them after this video with a primer or a sticky base and they go on much evently 

For me this palette is the essential for any look I create
I'm mostly a fan of natural neutral shades and in this palette you get a huge variety

you get bronze shade taupe shades and pink shades

that's why I think this palette seems to be for me a good mixture of the 3 Naked by Urban Decay

with a nice POP of colour (the purple shade)

the last but not least 

yeah it smells like Cocoa

not only smell

it tastes like Cocoa

it is 100% Cocoa

and I can tell you this claim is true


I totally recommend this palette

get it and you will not regret it


Mika xxx

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