Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lise Watier Palette Summer Sunset in Paradis

here is this beautiful palette by Lise Watier
a gift from my Canadian friend

What I love about this palette at first is the packaging
as you can see it comes like a small purse or one of these smart phone cases

in fact inside if you have finished with the shadow you can remove the shadows and the mirror and it can be transformed in a phone case or card holders

I will keep this case it's so pretty!

also the shades are very pretty
My favourite colour is the purple and the brown
the brown has got the better pigmentation as you can see from the swatch

anyway another "fun" information to add 
is that this palette is made in Italy
as you can see from the picture of the back ot the palette

funny isn't it?

Mika xxx 

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