Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ikea and H&M.... small haul :)

If you saw my video last week you already probably know that before this time, 
I was never in a Ikea before.

Nowadays seems impossible not to visit Ikea.. but, it is possible afterall..

I was insane I love Ikea, everything look good, cool and fun and really I wanted to get everything and take it with me at home, but luckily, I was with a friend of mine, with her car 
so I really held back myself and only bought really few things...



After Ikea I went to H&M and as usual for places like H&M it was mad.. people everywhere.. especially in the dressing rooms...

so I didnt go for any clothing, I only grabbed a pair of hubs and few silver rings....

along with a Nude matte lipstick called Bardot

very 60s :)

Mika xxx

ps. if you haven't seen the video I leave you the link down below..

hope you'll enjoy it

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