Friday, 16 May 2014

MAC Face and Body Foundation

Finally I've made this Review....
I guess it's nearly a year that I have bought this foundation by MAC

Face and Body in the shade C3
and since I talked about it in my Haul last year, lots of you asked me to make a review/demo about it

so sorry for the huge delay but during the year I have been using also other foundations and in the end I forgot to film the review.... 

To me this foundation is the perfect one for spring/fall

It has got a beautiful satin finish, but if you apply it only lightly it looks like your skin
in fact as you can see from the pictures on my face

It is super natural

I heard though, that can be build  to a more medium coverage

I personally like it with only one layer

the staying power is very good, in fact feels like a stain on your skin

This foundation can also be applied on your body, I heard in fact that is used a lot for models (on their legs) I promised myself to give it a go on my legs soon to see if it makes them look better :)

anyway, I really recommend this foundation to people who have dry to normal skin

I'm not too sure how good it can be for people with oily skin since it has got a satin finish...

anyway if you have any question please let me know

take care

Mika xxx

ps. if you haven't seen the video with the demo application I leave you down below the link 

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