Sunday, 18 May 2014

my Feta Salad....

Since is getting warmer here in Italy
my menu is changing a bit towards cold dishes instead of cooking all evening, having the oven on or the hub in the house, the best meal for me are salads!

I love any kind of salad, it really depends from what's in my fridge that day to make the salad, 
for example today there was some Feta cheese

I didnt have any red onions or olives, so I can't really called this a greek salad, but still it was super yummy and healthy!

I used half of a cucumber, some peppers (a yellow and a red ones) some lettuce olive oil salt and black pepper

simple and easy

It was nice indeed!

if you lie Feta cheese try this and let me know

take care

Mika xxx 

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