Thursday, 26 June 2014

Neutro Roberts Derma Zero Deodorant

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about this product, yeah a deodorant
I believe that deodorant are part of our beauty regime like any other beauty items... and they do deserve to be mentioned.

This one in particular is by the brand
Neutro Roberts

which is well known in the beauty world, for theirs shower gel, soap, body lotions, and also of course deodorants..

this one in particular is a new born (at least to me) from their new line called



This new line is made by body wash and deodorants

the deodorants come in 3 versions

spray no gas
and stick (like the one I've got)

their formulations "0%" is totally free of
Aluminium Salts

I like this products the only issue is you really need to apply this few times a day...

it doesn't last like any other "normal" deodorant on the market I've tried...

but if there are less chemicals... probably is also better for our armpits...

have you ever tried it?

let me know your thoughts


Mika xxx

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