Wednesday, 2 July 2014

L'Oreal LUMI Magique Concealer Review

Lately I've filmed a review/demo of the Lumi Magique Concealer by L'Oreal

I've bought mine in Boots, with a very generous 3x2 offer 

The shade I've got is 1 Light

this concealer pen is perfect if you want to cover your dark circles but at the same time highlight the face making you look much more awake rested and younger.. well, I hope ;) :P

as you can see from the pictures it is very visible the side of my face with Lumi Magique compared to the side without it

to me that's a huge difference considering that the review/demo and also this picture was taken without any foundation

bare face and Lumi 

just because I wanted to give you a fully impression

have you ever tried it?

I recommend it.. it's a very good concealer

let me know what you think

Mika xxx

ps. if you haven't seen the video I will leave it down below



  1. WOW, thats pretty good coverage and has a gorgeous glow, might try this out.

    1. absolutely! it is very highlighting...
      (I've never noticed that I wasnt following your blog, I am now ;) )
      Mika x