Saturday, 27 September 2014

NOTD // ASTRA Gel Effetto in 808 Punky

Today I'm wearing 

Astra Gel Effect Nail Polish in the shade

808 Punky

This colour is more suitable for Fall.. yeah we are finally in Fall

I love though not being stuck with wearing seasonable colours,

I like to wear a bright pink in winter, and a dull grey in summer

but today I felt the need to switch from my very brights

(summer colours) to a more fall appropriate colour

this line by Astra is fantastic

super jelly, and you don't need a glossy to coat

Love it

Mika xxx

BIG Collective Beauty Haul | MICHELA ismyname ♥

check this out

Massive Collective Beauty Haul

I hope you enjoy!

Mika xxx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

OOTD #8 Summer 2014 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

New Video Up Now...


Summer 2014

I know it is not longer Summer but I still have few videos from last few weeks which I will upload
during these coming Fall :D 

I hope you dont mind


Mika xxx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace

Today I'm going to talk about this product by Sleek.
I'm a huge fan of Sleek makeup I love their eyeshadow palettes, their lipsticks, their blushes..

I own a pretty decent collection myself, anyway I couldn't stop myself from buying this blush palette

Blush by 3 in Lace

I felt the feeling of summer, and usually I gravitate towards pink cool tone blushes, so that's why I wanted to get this particular shade

this palette comes with 3 blushes (hence the name "by 3")

and the tones are warm orange/coral

I don't own many blushes like this so I felt it was going to be a very wise buy to add to my collection.

Two blushes in this set are matte

the first and the last

and the one in the middle is shimmer

and I love it so much when I wear it I don't feel the need to add any highlighter
and it is called Guipure 
and reminds me Nars Orgasm

then there is the bright orange on the left called

and the bright coral on the right called

Overall I love this palette super versatile

handy to have in your bag (also because it has got a very good mirror)

one thing

be careful

this blushes are SUPER pigmented!


Mika xxx

Primark Massive Haul | MICHELA ismyname ♥

New Video Up Now..

YEAH..... a Massive Primark Haul...

hope you like it


Mika xxx

Monday, 15 September 2014

Finished & Reviewed #2 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone, today post is about my second

Finished & Reviewed video

if you are not familiar with this new format, don't worry, this is nothing else that a much shorter Empties video

I decided to make a new version of Empties, less products, more in depth reviews

I think this new format works out better, at least I think so, actually let me know what you think

and if you haven't seen the videos with the reviews of the items on the pictures...

here I leave you the link


see you next time


Mika xxx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Grocery Haul #2 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

New Video Up Now

My Grocery Haul (#2)

I hope you enjoy it


Mika xxx

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty UK - High Brow

This eye brow kit has been a saver for me during this summer

If you follow me from a long time you might know already that I've only started
doing my brows this year, so I'm pretty new to all these kind of make up branch

I did few mistakes in the past like for example using a dark shade of pencil (too dark)
or overdrawing my brows looking like a drag queen

anyway this kit by Beauty UK
is perfect
it comes with three different powder shades able to suits most complections 
and a clear wax that will help you to set in place the hairs.

also you get a mini tweezer and a mini double ended brush

the tweezer I find not to be too good, but the little brush especially the angled side is AMAZING!

Last but not least, 
the price..

this kit is very cheap you can get it for only 3.99£

if you struggle with brows like I did.. or you are new to this step

check Beauty UK High Brow Kit

worth to try



OOTD #7 Summer 2014 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

New out fit today
and finally after six of these wearing jeans today I'm wearing a dress, nothing too elegant I'm still a casual person

I hope you like it


Mika xxx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Finished & Reviewed #2 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

New Video Up Now...


If you have any questions about any of these products, please leave a comment and I will get back to you!


Mika xxx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Pop Of Color Smokey Eye Tutorial

Here some pictures of my last Make up look

I made this look quiet long time ago, in fact since I've been here in Northern Ireland I was not able
to film any tutorial or make up look

I don't have a make up corner suited for these kind of videos, but don't worry, since loads of you asked me about it, soon I will be back in Italy (unfortunately) and there I will be able to film more make up look, especially using and testing out the huge amount of new products I have bought since I'm here in NI.

anyway these pictures are from the
Pop Of Colour Smokey Eye look

in case you missed the video I will leave you the link of it down below

I hope you find this look useful 



Mika xxx

August Favourites 2014 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

My August Favourites 2014

check this out!

Mika xxx