Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty UK - High Brow

This eye brow kit has been a saver for me during this summer

If you follow me from a long time you might know already that I've only started
doing my brows this year, so I'm pretty new to all these kind of make up branch

I did few mistakes in the past like for example using a dark shade of pencil (too dark)
or overdrawing my brows looking like a drag queen

anyway this kit by Beauty UK
is perfect
it comes with three different powder shades able to suits most complections 
and a clear wax that will help you to set in place the hairs.

also you get a mini tweezer and a mini double ended brush

the tweezer I find not to be too good, but the little brush especially the angled side is AMAZING!

Last but not least, 
the price..

this kit is very cheap you can get it for only 3.99£

if you struggle with brows like I did.. or you are new to this step

check Beauty UK High Brow Kit

worth to try



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