Friday, 10 October 2014

MUA Make Up Academy MATTE PERFECT Loose Powder

Hi everyone today I want to talk to you about a product I was able to test out during the summer.

I'm talking about the Matte Perfect Loose Powder by MUA Make up Academy

I've bought this powder in Superdrug, which is the only shop in the UK which sells MUA
of course, then you can buy MUA online from their website.

here is the link in case you want to purchase this product

This powder is retail for £2.30

this is a translucent powder that doesn't cake on your skin (at least on mine)

I use it mostly on my Tzone and a bit under the eyes to set my concealer

I'm really impressed with this product as I am with a lot of products by MUA

this drugstore brand is really good

keeping the price down, and being very affordable but also at the same having a very good quality products

To be honest I recommend this product to everyone

with oily or dry skin

this is a super fine and light powder with a very natural finish

have you ever tried it?

let me know


Mika xxx

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