Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer

Finally after 5 years or even more, I convinced myself to invest my money on the king of the tweezers


You don't know how many times I passed by a package of Twezzerman thinking 
"Should I get it or not?"

I'm a woman, and like any other woman in earth I need to get rid of some hair on my face (daily)

and for years I gave myself to many unknown brands (with a forth of the price of a regular Tweezerman)

but WHY?

was I happy?

I was content but never too happy about the skills of my tweezer

so this time around I decided to spent more money and get the well known Tweezerman

There are so many versions of Tweezerman on the market, and for what I see they come in 2 sizes

regular and mini

and to be honest the difference between these two is quiet huge money wise

a mini size cost half of the price of a regular one...

so that's why I went for the mini slant tweezer

I love the Pink colour (of course) and also I love the fact that it comes with that little plastic packaging that really can be handy to prevent damages on the sparseness of your tweezer

to be honest this tweezer is super good

it really grabs any finest hair
even the lightest that I can barely see

so for me this purchase was worth

by the way I've it in Boots for 12.99£

have you ever tried this?

let me know


Mika xxx

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