Sunday, 23 November 2014

Botanics The Power Of Plants - Hydrating Eye Serum Triple Age Renewal by BOOTS

Hi everyone

Today I want to talk about a little products that I have discovered last summer

it is from the Boots Botanics Power Of Plants line

and it is the

Hydrating Eye Serum Triple Age Renewal

first thing first

it retails at 10.49£ but most of the time in Boots you get several offers and usually you can get

skin cream products half price

anyway let's talk about this product

first on the packaging says

"with smoothing purple orchid"

quote: the Purple Orchid is natures answer to skin replenishment.

Enriched with moisturising sugars that hydrate

and help reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

Whilst plant antioxidants work to protect from free radical damage,

helping skin stay younger for longer.

in fact this product claims to reduce the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles

and dark circles in 4 weeks.

This product is also formulated with a blend of vitamins A, C & E together with Soy protein

and with Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid Technology

To be a drugstore products it aims quiet high

now to be fair

I haven't notice my fine lines disappearing

but also I haven't use it every single day for 4 weeks..

the only thing I can say, it feels so good once I apply it around my eyes, my skin loves it

and even after few hours the application

I still feel the skin around the eyes smooth and moisture

so that's good enough for me


have you ever tried it?

let me know which is your favourite eye cream

take care

Mika xxx

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