Sunday, 25 January 2015

Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater REVIEW

I was in Boots the other day
and as usual for Boots, they were having 3x2 offer for all the skincare

So I picked this item

the Boots
Traditional Skin Care
Glycerin and Rosewater
Toning and Moisturising 

I already tried in the past from the same line the 
Cold Cream
and I liked it, so I wanted to try this as well

Price wise is super affordable less than 3 pounds

This feels cool and refreshing beautifier that softens and moisturises the skin.
 This toner and moisturiser is lanolin-free and works well as a toner before using a skin cream.
It can be used as well on your neck and your hands, I absolutely love the scent

I love it because it leaves my skin really smooth and soft even without applying any moisturising
(of course though you want to apply one)

Have you ever tried it?

Let me know if you have :)

take care

Mika xxx

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