Saturday, 24 January 2015

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream REVIEW

Hi everyone, and welcome back

Today blog post is about my current favourite eye cream.

I've bought this in Boots, and it is part of the Boots line Vitamin E

I'm talking about the

Eye Cream SPF 15

For being a budget eye cream, I must say to be very impressed

It feels super rich, even though it sinks into my skin very quickly
leaving the area around the eyes, which is naturally thinner and delicate
very smooth and tough

I like the little packaging, I rather these kind of tubes than a jar where you are putting everyday germs with your fingers

However I haven't noticed any changes on the appearance of the lines around my eyes

But I've been using it only during the last 2 weeks, 
I noticed though as I already said, an improvement in the feeling of the skin
which is normally thinner, after I apply this cream it feels really thick and stronger
and so far I like that

Not all the eye creams I have tried in my life give me this effect
most of them are very lightweight
and after they absorbed into my skin feels like I haven't even applied it

So far so good

I will keep using it

If you have any drugstore brands eye cream to recommend please let me know

have you ever tried this products?

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Mika xxx


  1. I like that it absorbs into the skin because some eye creams I've tried almost sit on top and never get abosorbed!

    1. you are going to love this one, I hate the one that just sit on top.. or feel too waterdown... this one is perfect for how cheap it is, let me know if you try it out :)