Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover REVIEW

Hi everyone
today I'm back with a new review

You know I love changing nail polish quiet often, and in the last few years
I've seen new products to make this "nail polish remover phase" much easier

Last year I discovered the KIKO nail polish remover Fast&Easy
and I liked it

Over the last month I was able to test out this one by Bourjois

Many people online have shown a positive feed back so I knew I was going to like it 

and I did

this one is even better than the Kiko one
because along with the removing property and without acetone and parabens

This one has got the nourishing sweet almond oil in it
and you can feel it on the cuticle
It doesn't leave your fingers dry 
they are more moisturised and soft
and the scent is lovely

(Red fruit and Vanilla)

This is a very fast easy and also healthier way to remove our nail polish

I'm sure many of you have already tried this one out

if you have just let me know your thoughts

and if you have another product to recommend me, leave me a comment


take it easy

talk soon


Mika xxx

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