Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Garnier Moisture Match | Goodbye Dry

I was meant to write a review about this product way before, 
but as usual I didn't get the chance.

Here I am today talking about
the Garnier Moisture Match
Goodbye Dry

This new line from Garnier came across my mind last summer while I was reading 
Look magazine, a page dedicated to this new line with 5 different creams for 5 different skin problems

There was a little sampler on attached on the page, which I tried and liked and this was the reason why I went to Boots and got myself 2 types from this line

The line comes as I said, with 5 types

Protect & Glow
Start Afresh
Goodbye Dry
Wake Me Up
Shine Be Gone

the two I've got are Protect & Glow (which I didnt like as much as the second)
and Goodbye Dry (which is the one this post is about)

Goodbye Dry is for Dry to very Dry skin
It has a  rich but not greasy texture, it is very easy to absorbed 

Since it comes with not SPF I use it mostly as a Night Cream
I love the way my skin feel as soon as I put it on, also I like when I wake up in the morning and my skin is not tight and dry

It has a slight scent to it 
without being overpowering

One more thing,
It is very affordable and accessible
you can get it from Boots or Superdrugs

If you suffer with dry skin, I really recommend you to try this cream

Goodbye Dry is nice and it works

Let me know if you have tried it

take care

Mika xxx 

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