Friday, 9 January 2015

Garnier Moisture Match | Protect & Glow

Here I am today talking about
the Garnier Moisture Match
Protect & Glow

This new line from Garnier came across my mind last summer while I was reading 
Look magazine, a page dedicated to this new line with 5 different creams for 5 different skin problems

There was a little sampler on attached on the page, which I tried and liked and this was the reason why I went to Boots and got myself 2 types from this line

The line comes as I said, with 5 types

Protect & Glow
Start Afresh
Goodbye Dry
Wake Me Up
Shine Be Gone

the two I've got are Protect & Glow (which it is the one I'm reviewing today)
and Goodbye Dry (which I have already reviewed here is the LINK)

Protect & Glow
unfortunately wasn't a big success for me
I didnt like it as much I did Goodbye Dry

First of all the scent
this cream has got a very strong scent, and if you don't mind strong scent, 
then you wont be bother by this
for me it is too strong
in the ingredients there are Lemon extract and Mannose

Also the second thing I didn't like was the fact that it did stings my eyes
and I KNOW, you are not suppose to apply skin cream around the eyes, but as a human being, I know for a fact that a lot of other female humane like me, sometimes when they are lazy like to use skin cream all over.. and with the Goodbye Dry I didn't have the same feeling
it didn't sting

so at the end this cream irritated my eyes
and was too scented for my taste

I like the fact that there is 20 spf in this skin product and also I like the light reflecting pearls
which helps to make your skin glow all day.

I wouldn't repurchase this cream for myself
It is not that I wont recommend it..
try it out. maybe you like it :)

let me know if you have tried it and what your thoughts are

take care

Mika xxx

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