Thursday, 12 February 2015

BEAUTY UK Ultimate Contour Palette REVIEW

Hi everyone!

Today I'm back with another review.

The product I'm reviewing for you today is the new product by
Beauty Uk


This product came out at the end of 2014
and since I'm a fan of cream products 
and indeed I love to contour my face

I needed to try it

I've bought mine in Boots, and I paid only 4.99£

(super affordable)

in this palette you get 3 shades

a cold toned brown 
(which is meant for contouring)
a warm toned brown
(which is meant for bronzing)
and a light cream
(which is the highlighter)

This kit is amazing

Once again especially for the money you spent, you get a very good quality product

I personally love all the 3 shades
the contour one is the best though
cause sometimes it is hard to find the perfect contour colour
most of them in the market (highends and drugstores) have a tyne more warm into it

but this one is just perfect

One thing I would say

The light shade is not a concealer
I tried to use it as a concealer but it is very sheer

so stick to the instructors and use it as a highlighter

The consistency of the cream is not the same

I found the contour and the bronzer much less creamy (but still easy to blend)

The highlighter is certainly much more creamier

If you don't know how to use these colour and how to contour

Beauty Uk was very clever to write on the back of the package
step by step 
for How to shading
Where to apply
and Which shade

so this made it even easier

For me this product is worth to try

I don't have any negative comment to say

Another great product from the drugstore!

If you have any question leave a comment

take care

Mika xxx

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