Tuesday, 10 February 2015

MAYBELLINE Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser REVIEW

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog

Today post is about a new product I recently got from Maybelline

It's their Instant Pore Eraser
from their Baby Skin line

I'm normally not a huge user of Primer
Only because it is an extra step in the morning and sometime (most of the time) being in the rush
I always neglected it

But when I've got a little bit more time, I can notice the difference between a WITH or WITHOUT
primer day

I have to admit 

I have got PORES
and more the years go by... more deep my pores become..
(I know it is quite disgusting topic to talk about but it is the truth, and I believe most of you are with me in this)

The "Issue Area" is my NOSE

thankfully STILL, my nose is the only part of my face with pores... and oiliness (gross)

Since I've got my 12x mirror these pores look even more uglier
so that was basically the reason why I decided to get this primer

Back in Italy I've got plenty of primers
but as I said I never really use them regularly 
and I wouldn't know which brand I like or stuff like that

But I cannot deny that since I start using this product by Maybelline
(only on my nose and under my eyes, to help ERASING creasing)

I can say that I see a big difference

My nose stays matte and more smooth throughout the day

It definitely helps cancel out the pores, I mean it does what it says


as I said earlier, I'm not big on Primers

So for me this product is worth the money, and it works

maybe though if you have a huge knowledge 
about highends and drugstores Primers
well you can really tell me which is better and if you like it too

Leave me a comment if you have tried this product

and if you have any recommendations feel free to tell me!

take care

Mika xxx

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