Wednesday, 25 February 2015

‪#‎Throwback‬ - A Year Ago Today | Meeting Essiebutton in Rome

Hi everyone
and welcome back!

Today I was looking at my timeline on facebook, and I realised that a year ago I was in Rome
meeting the super amazing Essiebutton!

First reaction was... OMG TIME FLIES.....

Second I thought... why not starting this series called

‪#‎Throwback‬ - A Year Ago Today

I'm not sure who does this thing already
but I wanted to start my version of it...

and as I said

a year ago


I was in Rome
Piazza del Popolo
meeting the gorgeous
and of course Aslan



Also I met a lot of other lovely girls....

It was a special day..

today A year ago...


Mika xxx