Monday, 16 February 2015

VITAPOINTE Leave In Conditioner REVIEW

Hello and welcome back everyone

Today I'm back with another short review

The product I'm going to review for you today is the

VITAPOINTE Leave In Conditioner

I recently discovered this little product in Boots

I didnt have any idea about what it was, I was only looking for a conditioner and since this was very cheap and also it was a Leave In Conditioner
I decided to get it

as I said it retails for less than 3 pounds

you get 50 ml products

It comes in a very simple, nearly vintage tube.

What I like about it is that  you can use it for dry hair
is like a cream for your hair
instead of styling your hair nourishes it

I used in the morning on my ends and all the frizzy and damaged parts

I also like to apply it more all over
before to go to bed
and sleep with it on

Like a mask

If you are not looking for something "fashionable" 
colourful and modern looking
well this is not for you

But if you are looking for a good hair cream/leave in conditioner

this is good, and worth to try since is so affordable

as I said you can get this in Boots

If you have tried this products and know more about it, leave a comment down below


Mika xxx

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