Friday, 13 February 2015

w7 In The Nude Palette REVIEW

Hi everyone
Today I'm talking about this palette by w7 cosmetics

I received this palette for Christmas.

I was very happy to get this palette, 
as you might know, I don't own any of the Naked
I never got into them, and never felt the need to justify myself into spending 40 euro for another eyeshadow palette.

So then I was happy to receive this one on budget by w7
which is the dupe for the famous
Naked 3

The packaging is very similar
the only thing is that in the inside there is not mirror
for the rest it is the same layout of the Naked

It comes with a not bad brush, one side is an actual brush 

and the 12 shades

there are 3 mattes in this palette
and the rest are satin and shimmer shadows

My favourite shades are
Copper Pot
Sun Kissed
Coffee Cup

which are the more pigmented and unique

If you haven't seen my video
where I swatched the shadows 
 I leave the link down below for you to check

do you own this palette?
or the Naked 3??

Let me know


Mika xxx

1 comment:

  1. I own the Naked 3 but mainly because I bought it right when it comes out. I dont use it much now because its not my favourite eye shadow formula. I feel like this palette would be really nice!