Monday, 9 March 2015

Maybelline BABY Lips Dr Rescue in Berry Soft REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back

Today I've got a lip product to talk about

The Maybelline Baby Lips
Dr Rescue in Berry Soft

first of all
I love the original Baby Lips by Maybelline
in fact I think I collected all of them

this by Dr Rescue came out this winter (at least here in the UK)
they come in 6 colours (natural tints)

Too Cool (which is the clear one)
Pink Me Up (which is the light pink)
Just Peachy (peachy colour)
Soothing Sorbet (the bright pink/fuchsia)
Coral Crave (the coral one)

and finally the one I've bought

Berry Soft

"Medicated care + 12 HR hydration.
Soothes quickly with a hint of eucalyptus.
Cools sore lips with a touch of icy menthol"

the Icy menthol is super nice on the lips, especially for this colder months
I really feel that this product leaves my lips very moisturised
and smooth

I also love the fact that the tint even though being very sheer has a pretty long lasting light stain

If you can give it a go pick one up!

What is your favourite Baby Lips?

let me know


Mika xxx

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