Thursday, 30 April 2015

NOTD // BARRY M Gelly Hi Shine in Blue Grape

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today's blog post is about my NOTD
I love changing nail polish regularly
and lately looks like I'm always choosing the same brand.

I'm talking about the Gelly HI Shine line by Barry M

Personally this is their best line, and the best drugstore nail polish in the market, for less than £4.00

They are all consistent in their formulations.
Super glossy, perfect in 2 coats
Quiet long lasting
and with an amazing selection of colours

Today I chose Blue Grape
this gorgeous bright Blue
super happy super bright
perfect for summer

Seriously I own so many Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paints, which is worth filming a collection video
as I have been asked in the past

So watch out for it, in the near future

Do you like Barry M Nail polish?
What is your favourite colour?

Let me know


Mika xxx

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MUA Twelfth Night Palette Swatches/Review PICTURES

Hi everyone 
and welcome back.

Only yesterday I uploaded my latest video, which was a review first impression/swatches
of a new palette by MUA

the Twelfth Night Palette

As I promised, today I'm going to show you the pictures of the swatches of this beautiful palette

12 beautiful shades
Mostly Neutral shades
apart from 2 more colourful ones

All these swatches were made on bare skin, I didn't use any primer or any liquid to make the intensity of the shadows stronger.

I believe that adding a primer each of these shades will act better than on bare skin.

here's the palette

Swatches of the first row

Swatches of the second row

TOP ROW From L to R

Ice – A pearlescent gold toned highlight shade.

Myrrh – A pigment packed yellow-gold.


Hush – A matte neutral highlight shade.

All Spice – A deep, red toned brown with golden flecks.

TOP ROW From L to R

Frost – A blue toned silver.

Oudh – A vibrant copper shade.


Ivy – A beautiful deep green.

Plum – A rich, deep purple.


TOP ROW From L to R

Coal – A deep brown with gold flecks.

Fir – A deeper copper brown.


Enchant – A pearlescent gunmetal grey with silver flecks.

Star Shine – A deep blue-black hue.

If you want to see what I think about this palette
check out my latest video

I will leave the link down below


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

MUA Twelfth Night Palette Swatches/Review | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone. 

Today's video is about this beautiful palette that my friend Sarah, 
from YouTube gifted me for last Christmas.

This is the MUA Twelfth Night Palette, 12 beautiful shades, if you want to see how this palette swatches keep on watching the video.

I can only say that I LOVE IT!!!!

Pictures of swatches coming soon....


Mika xxx

Monday, 27 April 2015

Barry M Blusher in Terracotta REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today I wanted to talk about a product by Barry M
which I really love.

As you might know, I'm a HUGE Barry M nail polish fan
I own a very big collection
possibly the best nail polish from the drugstore.

Apart from the nail polish I don't own other makeup items from them
Just few lipsticks (which I really like)

This is in fact the only face product by Barry M that I own

It is a blusher
in the shade


This for me it is a blush which I mostly use as a bronzer
since its colour is (for me) the perfect one to give a sunkissed glow

I love it because it is totally matte
soft and easy to blend
and also long lasting

It comes in a 7 g size
with a small toy brush beside (useless)

It is affordable without loosing on the quality side

In this range there are in total 6 shades

That's the description on Barry M website:

"These extra fine blushers are available in a variety of sheer colours for easy blending 

and a perfect, flawless finish. They contain the anti-oxidant Vitamin E to protect and 

condition the skin and keep it smooth and supple."

They retail for £ 4.59 each

and you can get them in Boots, Superdrug, or Barry M website

I totally recommend it

Perfect for summer time when you want to cheat a tanned effect :)

Have you ever tried this product by Barry M?

let me know


Mika xxx

Sunday, 26 April 2015

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Vivids In 910 Shocking Coral REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today was a very warm spring day.. 
and when the temperatures start to rise I like to swap my lipstick collection, especially since last winter/early spring I went into super dark barry lipsticks

I don't completely hate wearing dark lipstick for summer but I feel a bright coral lipstick seems more appropriate!!

So today I went for this AMAZING super VIBRANT coral by


one of their

Color Sensational Vivids lipstick in the shade


The name of this lipstick is just perfect!
As you can see it is a shocking coral :)
It is a super bright vibrant coral, I would say this is a pink/coral
and it looks amazing on
It also feels amazing on your lips since it has a honey nectar formula
to help keeping your lips super moisturised
Also it is super long lasting.

It stays put all day and it feels very comfortable.

In this range there are also other 9 super saturated shades
all beautifully pigmented and very spring/summer appropriate

Have a look next time you are near Maybelline counter

I will definitely try to grab more shades from this line.

I love this lipstick so much!

Have you ever tried Color Sensational Vivids?

Leave me a comment


Mika xxx

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Collective Makeup Beauty Haul | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Today I'm back with another pretty big haul.

I start with a pair of skinny jeans by New Look.. super cute.. 
and then the rest of the haul is all about MAKEUP and BEAUTY items...

If you want to see what I have bought in these last weeks check this video out!

Some of these items have got already a review so I will link those down below

L‘OREAL New Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream REVIEW 

BIORE’ Deep Cleansing Pore Strips REVIEW 

Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner REVIEW 

NOTD // BARRY M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Apple REVIEW

MISS SPORTY Just Clear Mascara REVIEW 



Mika xxx

Friday, 24 April 2015

BATISTE Dry Shampoo in Eden Sugarmelon & Honeysuckle REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

If you are a Dry Shampoo lover
and especially love Batiste as a brand
well, you have to try this new Limited Edition scent in 

Sugarmelon & Honeysuckle

It is divine, especially if you like sweet scents

If you are more into a fresh scent, maybe this one it's too sweet for you.
I personally love sweet scents and this one by Batiste is right up my alley.

The scent stays a long time and as far as I can see the white residue that normally get from dry shampoos seems to be far less with this one.

I'm not too sure if there is something changed in the formula to diminish the white residue,
apparently it doesn't say so in the bottle
maybe I'm not aware of it, so if you know about it leave me a comment.

I love the design on it.. super cute, very spring inspired!


if you like dry shampoo
if you like Batiste
and you love sweet scent

PICK this UP

You'll love it!


Mika xxx

Thursday, 23 April 2015

MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo in Eternal Silver REVIEW

Hi everyone
welcome back.

Today Blog Post is about this beautiful cream eyeshadow by


This is their Color Tattoo in the shade


By now I own so many Color Tattoo by Maybelline.
This is probably my favourite product by Maybelline, and since they came out with this, any new colour they promoted I had to have it

This particular shade is probably a little bit less wearable or not really everyday makeup appropriate
since it is this super vibrant metallic silver

I usually stay away from grey/silver shadows
cause I don't think these colours suit me that much

I don't know though what it is different with this one
maybe the texture, the fact that it is a creamy shade
Anyway I love it.

Perfect as a base
or for your waterline
or even if you like to create silver liner or double liner looks

I think it is very handy shade to have
as I said it might not be super wearable but you can do so many things with it
being so versatile.

How many Color Tattoo by Maybelline you own?
What's your favourite one?

let me know


Mika xxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner Review | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone.

Today another Hair Tutorial, or I would say a review application, before and after of a product I've been loving over the last few months.

I'm talking about the Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner, if you are blonde and you like to play around with the tone of your blonde this brand provide a huge selection of toner, the one I'm trying today is their Silver toner..

but they also have one Pink, Champagne, Honey and Platinum.

If you are a blonde check this product out..

I love it  here's the LINK 



Mika xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

SLEEK MakeUp True Colour Lipstick in Mystic REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today post is about violet lips!

I've recently bought this lipstick by SLEEK

I was already familiar with Sleek lipsticks, I already owned 2 of their
True Colour Lipstick

Heartbreaker (matte finish)
Fuchsia (shine finish)

The new one I've got is


and it is this beautiful vibrant true purple
It has a Matte finish
but I have found with Sleek lipsticks even their matte finish are super comfortable to wear
they don't dry your lips also because they contain Vitamin E

I really love this colour
at first I was a bit scare to wear it
but I think it suits me alright

I'd say it is more suitable for a night out rather than a day in office, but at the end why making all these rules?

if you like it you should wear it everyday, when you feel like :)

It has a very good staying power without drying your lips

It is quite buildable, so if you want you could wear it as a stain or really loading it on your lips
for a stronger pigmentation.

Have you ever tried any Sleek lipsticks?
What's your favourite?

They have a HUGE selection of shades, between matte and shine formulation, I'm sure you can get the colour you are looking for..

and they only retail for £4.99 each

here is the LINK of their website in case you want to get Mystic

I really recommend it!!


Mika xxx

Monday, 20 April 2015

BIORE’ Deep Cleansing Pore Strips REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today blog post is not a very fancy topic
but it is an issue with nearly every human being.


Yeah, I have blackheads and whiteheads on my nose...
and I hate them.

As far as I remember I started seeing them appearing on my nose in my puberty
and I have tried to deal with them ever since.

I leave you this interesting article from WIKIPEDIA 
about this topic

what is a COMEDO?

Have a look!


Anyway during my life I tried many things, masques, creams, any kind of product to help and erase white and black heads from my nose.

Nothing really worked..


I must say Nose Strips seem to help a lot.

If you haven't ever tried one of these, you must give them a go

They come with different brands, and as it happens I really enjoy using this one by


With Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel

In the box you get 6 nose strips
and I usually use it once every fortnight.

You need to clean your face, make sure to clean out any excess of oil
then wet your nose with some water
and then apply the strip 

Keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes
then you will feel the strip getting hard like clay
don't panic! it is totally fine

At that point you have to pull it off
Do it slowing..
It is more enjoyable believe me :D

You'll see many white and black heads.. leaving your nose
because they will be stock on the strip!!

What I feel when I do it is

anyway, it gets rid of these horrible things at least for a while..

I love this product,
as I said this topic isn't the usual fancy topic, but get real
everyone suffer with this problem,
and it is good talk about it without shame!

Let me know what's your favourite product to use against Blackheads

Have you ever tried this BIORE' Deep Cleansing Pore Strips?

Let me know.


Mika xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2015

REVLON Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation REVIEW | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone today I'm back with a video application first impression
of a new foundation which I have recently bought.

Some of you asked me to make a review, so here I am today sharing my thoughts about this new reformulated Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation by Revlon.

To know what I think about it keep on watching.


I personally like this foundation
but I don't LOVE IT.

Even though this foundation is specifically made for dry skin
I really found it too heavy

My skin is dry to combination (just my nose)
and usually I dont even need to set my foundation with powder.

Well this one is super dewy
I need to powder even in some areas which I would normally never powder.

I definitely would recommend it for winter colder month

I cannot see myself wearing it during spring or summer.

The silver glitters are quite visible

so if you dont like this compset stay away from it.

Coverwise it is buildable
so you can use it sheer or built more coverage when you need it

I don't think the shade Vanilla 002 is the right for my skin colour.

Unfortunately there is only one shade lighter than this
001 Ivory
which looks way too pale for myself.

Maybe I would need 2 shade to make my perfect match.

Anyway leave me a comment if you have tried this product
I like to know your thoughts.


Mika xxx


Saturday, 18 April 2015

NOTD // BARRY M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Apple

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today is about nails!!!

I painted my nails with this nails polish by Barry M

Sugar Apple

It is another one of their Gelly Hi Shine lip paint

I love this line so much, I own so many of them.. I might need to do a video collection of all my Barry M nail polish... 
would you be interested?
let me know.

Anyway this colour is stunning.

It is a fresh mint green

Perfect for this time of year, but also during  the summer
especially if you get a tan, this is the right vibrant colour which will enhance the effect with a tanner skin

I also put it on my toes..

Super nice and super gelly

It is so fun playing with colours...

do you like Mint nail polish?

which brand do you prefer?

Leave me a comment


Mika xxx

Friday, 17 April 2015

TOPSHOP Cheek Jelly in Sibling REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today I'm going to show you this new product by TOPSHOP Cosmetics

I'm talking about their new

There are 5 different shades available
I only bought one though.

Phenomenon (a super bright orange)
Beep (a bright red)
Museum (a burgundy)
Sibling (a plum and the one I've got)
Reign (a bright pink)

They retail for £7.00

I'm a huge fan or cream blushes and the idea of a jelly finish really intrigued me

This blush is very lightweight
not sticky and super comfortable to wear
It is very buildable so if you want a very sheer hint of colour 
you won't go wrong
even though in the pot it looks super pigmented as you can see from the swatch it is pretty sheer

I like the fact it leaves a very healthy natural finish
and lovely glow

I would definitely pick up more shades in future

You can also apply it on your lips for a very natural tint

It has a good staying power
without getting patchy

Have you already tried this product by TOPSHOP?

let me know


Mika xxx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tesco Grocery Haul #3 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Today another TESCO haul...
If you are curious to see what I have bought, check the video!!!


Mika xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today is all about bright orange lipstick

Since the weather is finally turned into real spring/early summer
I slowing abbonded my dark lip products and I started to rotate more around my beloved brights.

Today I'm talking about this beautiful super bright orange lipstick

I've bought this lipstick a long time ago, but for some reason I never really wore it.

One of the main reason was the colour
even though I love this kind of colours I feel that warm toned colours
do not suit me that much 
also I feel this colour makes my teeth more yellow than normal..

Usually I pick cool toned reds and stay away from warm 
but this one looked so vibrant that I had to get it

At the end of the day I wear it
and I get compliments, probably it is just an issue of mine

I don't know, what do you think?

One thing
this lipstick is super moisturising
and super long lasting

Basically it stains your lips all together


That's the way it looks on after I remove it from my lips

This is the only lipstick I own by TOPSHOP
I love the quality of TOPSHOP make up
Have you tried any of their lipstick?

What colour would you recommend me?

Let me know


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

UMBERTO GIANNINI Perfect Beauty Finish Cream REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today I'm back with another review.
Once again this month is about a hair product.

This Umberto Giannini
Perfect Beauty
Finish Cream

It comes in a very elegant and sleek packaging
I like the drawn on the box with this beautiful girl
(I love her pink hair and her fringe, of course)
and I like the white colour packaging, and pink writing on
super pretty packaging

It comes in a 100ml size
and it claims to give you a salon finished hair

I love the scent of this cream
fresh and flowery 

This product is like a moisturiser for you hair
it gives texture, smoothing frizz hair.

It is suitable for all hair type.

I use it when my hair are dry
usually I apply it over my ends

It leaves my hair so stylish
it is super easy to apply
It leaves your hair with a very nice fragrance

I like that it comes with a pump
you are in total control about how much product you want to use, without any wastage

Have you ever tried this product?
or any product by Umberto Giannini??

Let me know


Mika xxx

Monday, 13 April 2015

OOTD Spring 2015 #1 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hello everyone, today I'm back with another Outfit Of The Day.

As you might know by now, my outfits are pretty basic and easy to wear for everyday..
nothing too glamorous.

Spring is around us, still though it can be chilly sometimes..

I hope you like this outfit.

Jacket| Pull & Bear
Boots| ASOS
Black dress| Primark
Black Tights| Primark
Bag| New Look
Sweater| Pull & Bear
Ring| H&M
Nail polish| BarryM


Mika xxx

Sunday, 12 April 2015

VICHY Dermablend Fixing Powder REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Over the last month or so I've been testing out a new powder

I'm not a huge powder person, but over the year I've noticed to become more careful with setting my makeup

I've never spent too much money in powders

I always went for drugstore brands as such as Essence MUA and ELF

But lately I started noticing the famous "cake effect" on my face.

So I went and investigate more deeply online to see which powder would be more suitable for me, and would cake less as possible.

Since I was making an order from
I decided to get myself a more highend powder

I was undecided with some brands
but at the end I went for this one by VICHY


(loose powder which I prefer over pressed)

First of all, hypoallergenic and without parabens
which is always a bonus

This powder comes in a very generous size
28 g
(it will last you forever)

This powder is translucent so will match perfectly your foundation without changing the shade

It has a microfine texture which make is so invisible on
and it has got a 16hr staying power
(now, I didnt get the chance to test it for 16hr but I can tell you I didn't need to apply any powder throughout the day, especially on my nose which is the part that gets oily immediately after I apply my make up)

I was very impressed.

I feel this is my favourite powder
and now that I've discovered it, I will always buy it.

If you want to get it I leave you the LINK from

I love it..
give it a go..


Mika xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2015

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Masque REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back.

Today blog post is about a hair product I've discovered lately

Last year hasn't been the best for my hair.
As I already said before, a mix of products last summer damaged my hair very badly
unfortunately in the front part (which is of course the most visible)

I've tried many things to improved the situations, oils, serums,
but so far the product which seem to work better is the Keratin

So I went in Superdrug and I looked up for a threatening masque
with Keratin for dry and damage hair

I decided to pick this up


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Masque

This product is amazing!

Not only it smells good
(very fruity)
but it does restore my damage hair like no other products have done before

I like to use this masque right before to wash my hair

I would normally apply a bit onto my damage part
which is the fringe and the sides of my face

I would massage in
and leave it for about 1 hr

After that I would regularly shampoo, conditioner and style like usual

The difference between when I use it and when I don't is HUGE

I'm so glad I've found this product
I will certainly keep buying it

I recommend it if you have very damage hair, like mine.


Mika xxx

Friday, 10 April 2015

What I Ate Today #2 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

I'm back today with another What I Ate Today.. special guest as usual my beloved squirrel friend "Norman" and some birds whom live in the back yard...

I hope you find this video entertaining somehow :)


Mika xxx

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Real Techniques Sculpting Set REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back

Today is about to share my LOVE for a product I've only recently bought

I was on a mailing list for getting it for over 3 weeks
It was always sold out, and I can understand why

I'm talking about, OF COURSE, the new Real Techniques Sculpting Set

I love my countore... and already loved their couture brush
well I actually love each of their brush that I have bought
so I was pretty sure I was going to love this set as well

I Was right

The set comes with 3 brushes

2 of these are brand new
and one is a brush that I have already owned and loved

which I love using for various reasons
concealer under the eyes
and for setting the powder under the eyes

So I was more than happy to get my hands onto another one of these.

is very similar in density and design to their Expert Brush
the only difference is that this one is angled, making contouring super easy
It fits perfectly under the check bone
doing (for real) the job for you

I LOVE IT!!!!!

The last brush which is exclusive to this set
is the

I've never been a huge fan or the Fan brushes..  nevermind the play on words :)
but I have started using it to apply gently loose powder under my eyes and nose..
It gets just the right amount
leaving a super not caky flawless finish

great discovery! definitely a must have for me now :)

I recommend you to get your hands onto this set
if you are already a Real Techniques Lovers
(and I think most of you are)

Even if you are not into contouring
you can still use the Sculpting brush for applying foundation
it works as well as the Expert Brush

I'm so glad I've bought it

What is your favourite Real Techniques Brush?

let me know


Mika xxx