Sunday, 10 May 2015

MUA Luxe London Velvet Lip Lacquer in Kooky REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back!

This blog post is about one of my
MUA Luxe London Velvet Lip Lacquer

If you are not aware I've filmed a video of all the swatches applications
of each of the colour I've bought.

In case you haven't seen this video I will leave it down below

This post in particular is about the darkest shade I've bought, as also the darkest shade I own
and it is


This is the darkest colour in the collection.
I was a bit sceptic to get this shade
since is really DARK
but for £ 3.00
I said, why not!
and weirdly enough I don't mind too much how it looks on me

This is a colour I would wear ONLY at night time though

it is too much for me, maybe some of you don't have any problems with it

I like it!

If you like dark dramatic colours
you HAVE to get this one!

I really hope that MUA will keep up bring new shades 
of these Velvet Lip Lacquer
because I will collect them all :)

Let me know if you have tried this colour or anything similar
leave me a comment


Mika xxx

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