Friday, 19 June 2015


Hi everyone
and welcome back!

The product I'm going to talk about today
made my favourite of the month of MAY 2015

actually in case you haven't seen that video I will leave it down below
in case you are curious to see what else made my favourites

This is the Coconut Oil from Superdrug

Last summer I was reading in a magazine about how good for you coconut oil can be

It is good for your hair, your skin and also for your cooking

This one by Superdrug cannot be use for cooking though, you can get coconut oil (in case you want also cook with it) in most of the grocery stores

This product is very interesting
Originally when I've first got it came in a solid form, then at the touch of my fingers (my body temperature) it would turn into an oil

but now since I'm here in Italy, and the temperatures are crazy hot, it is not solid anymore (as you can see from the picture)

I love to use to moisturise my body and on my face (at night time only though)
for day time purposes I don't thing you can pull it off, since it takes a while to absorb completely
so you are left for a good while with a greasy face, which smell of coconut though ;)

I also used it for my hair.. but I found it too rich for me.

It is amazing for the cuticles of the nails
and sometimes I love to massage it on the plant of my feets
especially after a long day wearing heels

You can do so many things with it..
and a little goes a long way

Have you ever tried coconut oil in your beauty routine?

let me know


Mika xxx

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