Sunday, 21 June 2015

Knight & Wilson COLOUR-FREEDOM Silver Blonde REVIEW

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Today I'm going to share with you my thoughts in this product by



COLOUR-FREEDOM in Silver Blonde

As you might know from the beginning of this year
I've been testing out different colours for my hair
non permanent solutions to change my hair colour without any regrets.

This Colour-Freedom Silver Blonde

is an
  ultra vibrant
non-permanent hair colour
with Shea Butter and Argan Oil

It comes in a very young fashionable packaging
in a 150ml size (which is very generous)

In this line there are 8 different shades plus a Pasteliser which can be use with any shade to as the name would suggest make more pastel the colour you want to tone your hair with

I didn't try the Pasteliser
so I cannot really tell you how good it is

I've only tried the Silver Blonde
I like it but I didn't love it
as far as colour changing this product didn't do much for me
the change was minimal, barely noticeable
nothing like my beloved Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner
(I also have a blog post about this product, but because I loved it so much I also have a video with full application, I leave it down below in case you haven't seen it)

How to use this Colour-Freedom Silver Blonde?
Simple as the BBlonde by Jerome Russell
you first wash your hair with a shampoo
then you put the product on your hair for up to 30 minutes
then you wash it off

and then you are done, you don't need to apply any conditioner.. 

so it is very VERY simple

The Colour-Freedom Silver Toner feels very nourishing though
probably because of the Shea Butter and Argan Oil

I like the smell and I like the feeling of my hair once it is dry, super smooth and silky
but as far as the silver colour... 
I must say, I was disappointed

At least for me didn't work.

I heard from other Youtube people that this product works better if you have completely bleached hair, mine isn't so I would probably attribute this failure on my original stage of blonde

I guess if I was fully bleached it might have worked better...

not sure though!

I wonder if any of you have tried this product or any other colours from Colour-Freedom 

I would love to know your experiences

I feel that I still want to recommend this product (especially if you have bleached hair)
because if it didn't work for me it doesn't mean that the product doesn't work

so please leave me a comment in case you have tried it..


Mika xxx


  1. Hi, I ve tried once and my hair was little bit purple -streaks. luckily it washed out after session in swimming poole- first time the chlorine was useful for something. :-) after that it was nice white blonde. trying today for second time. I will keep you posted Misha

  2. second time no purple . the hair does feel nice and soft

  3. Had blonde flashlights on brown hair. Went red. When it started washing out I was left with red at the scalp and orange/yellow ends. Used purple. Shampooed in. Left for 30 mins. Beautiful purple and brighter red highlights now. Washed twice so far and still vibrant. Really pleased.