Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hello everyone!!

Today blog post is a little bit different than usual because the product I'm going to talk about isn't either a makeup or beauty item.
It is something that has really helped me during the worst headaches.

I'm talking about the 


I'm new to this product, I only purchased it the first time last time in Belfast airport (last April)
in Superdrug.

I suffer with mild to severe migraines especially during THAT week of the month
but at the same time I'm totally against taking any tablets

I feel that even a "simple" paracetamol is very bad for me,
so if I can avoid I stay away from taking any pill.
But get real, if you have to work, or you have to go to a party
or anything involving going out and being around people
it is impossible having a decent time if you are having a strong headache


I always look out for "naturals" remedies

That's why I wanted to try the Tiger Balm

I wasn't fully bought by it.. I didn't think it was going to work
I was wrong!

This product does help to calm down my headaches or any kind of muscles pain
(I get these mostly on my neck and my shoulders)

I don't know how, or why but this thing works!

Tiger Balm is actually a trademark for a hot rub
and since I found it super interesting reading about it, I will leave you the Wikipedia article about
with the origins and anything you need to know.

The one I have bought is the Tiger Balm White
which is recommend it for headaches
which is the "Cold"

the other alternative is the Tiger Balm Red which is stronger and "Hot"
I'll definitely check this out next time. 

The composition is very basic
there are a very small amount of ingredients
Cajuput Oil 13.0%
Camphor 11.0%
Levomenthol 8.0%
Clove Oil 1.5%
and also it contains Dementholised Mint Oil and Yellow soft Paraffin and Hard Paraffin

it comes in a small glass jar with 19 g of product

Have you ever tried it? or the Red one?
let me know if it works for you.. leave me a comment


Mika xxx

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