Thursday, 18 June 2015

VASELINE Spray & Go Body Moisturiser REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

I've been using this product by VASELINE
since I've got it
every day after my shower this has been my favourite moisturiser
and now that I'm "hitting the pan" (in a figure speech) 
I felt it was the right time to write a blog post about it.

First of all, 
the packaging
so sleek and handy to carry with you, like a can of hairspray
This new compset of spay lotion is just genius!

I feel it is far more hygienic than a jar
and more easy to use than the regular body lotion "bottles"

you spray the right amount 
and then you massage in

I love, it is not sticky, it absorbs straight away
without leaving your skin "greasy"
I love this product especially for summer
when you need to moisturise your body but since is super hot, the feeling of creamy/heavy product on the skin isn't the best

so this Vaseline Spray & Go has become a MUST for me..

unfortunately Vaseline isn't available in Italy

so I will have to wait till I go back in the UK....

This product by Vaseline comes in 3 different scents
Cocoa Radiant (the only one I have tried so far)
Aloƫ Vera
 Essential Moisture

I will definitely check these last two out next time.

Have you ever tried this product by Vaseline?

Let me know your thoughts


Mika xxx

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