Sunday, 19 July 2015

KIKO Purifying Mask REVIEW

Hello everyone
and welcome back!

Today I want to show you this product by KIKO
which I have been using over the last few weeks.

I'm talking about the KIKO
Purifying Mask

I've got this product last year as a gift.
I must say I'm a huge fan of face masks
and I particularly love clay masks, like this one.

I dont usually use masks everyday, it is more like a treat for me that I give myself once a week
and I noticed over the last weeks I've been applying the same one.

This one!

I normally would use this kind of masks only for my T zone
but since this one isn't too "strong" like some others I own (the 

this one by KIKO has claimed to be
Remineralising Purifying Mask
that mattifies the skin for a long time
minimizing any flaws.
It is for combination to oily skin, but even if you have dry skin like me, you can really take advantage of this product and maintain your skin more matte during these horrible hot months.

It contains micro-sponges of plants origin and clay, it helps to absorbs excess sebum, without drying out the skin, and it helps to reduce any dead cells on the skin and any impurity, if you gently massage into your skin before to wash it off after keeping it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

It doesn't have a particular smell, it comes in a 55ml packaging
easy to carry and easy to consume before the expiring time.

If you like clay masks, and you want to mattifying you face during this sweaty summer
try this product

It will help :)

What's your favourite mask?

let me know


Mika xxx

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