Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Makeup Brush Collection

Hello everyone!
welcome back!

If you saw my last video on YouTube
you already know that I have filmed, after being requested, my Makeup Brush Collection.

I Instagramed a few weeks ago my brushes after being cleaned
and since they looked so nice, and of course clean
I decided to film the video.

As you can already probably tell by the pictures
I own mostly Real Techniques Brushes
I think they are the best value for money
they quality is also amazing, and as a plus they look pretty with this lovely coloured handles.

I also own other brands of course, like few from MAC, and other from Zoeva...

I use brushes just for my own make up
so I don't need a HUGE collection

Please let me know if there are any brushes out there I should get
Let me know your favourites
and If you own some of the one I do, let me know if you are happy with them or not..

Leave me a comment

and of course as usual if you haven't seen my Makeup Brush Collection video
I will leave it down below
for you to check it out!

take care
and see you soon


Mika xxx

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