Tuesday, 7 July 2015

OOTD Summer Day 2015 [BLACK|Primark]

Hi everyone.
Today I'm back with a new OUTFIT, summer 2015.
It was a very hot day, over 32°C and I was exhausted.
I didn't want to wear any heavy clothes, so I put on my little black dress by Primark
Over it I put a light weight black top, from Primark too
Footwear I didn't want to wear sandals (even though the weather was appropriate)
I went for my ankles boots by Primark
black socks (from Primark too)
Bag Primark

ops I didn't realised that this outfit is a Primark OOTD :D

except for 2 pieces
my necklace from H&M
and my sunny by Ray-Ban

my wristband is a Vintage black leather piece (which I love)

Can you see I love Primark?
Can you see I love the colour Black?


I hope you like this outfit
and please, let me know what you think


Mika xxx

1 comment:

  1. Great outfit! I wish we had primark where I live!