Monday, 13 July 2015

WET N WILD Coloricon Glitter Single in Brass REVIEW

Hello everybody!

Today I'm back with a very special item, maybe not too wearable or for everyday makeup look
but still I think this season might be the best for wearing such a thing and getting away with it, even if you are not in your 20s anymore :)

I'm talking about the
Glitter Single
in Brass

This creamy glitter is perfect for summer
you could wear it at night or during the day
you can apply it on your face (I put it a little bit on my cheekbones)
or as eyeshadow (it does crease though, bare in mind)
and also you can use it all over your body, why not!

There were other shades to choose from, but I though the Brass colour was going to be just perfect for enhancing the tan

Super inexpensive!

I recommend it, especially this shade
if you are not too scared to play around with some glitters :)


Mika xxx

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