Sunday, 9 August 2015

DEBBY Lip Chubby Mat lipstick in 06 Magenta REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel!

Today I want to show you another colour from the
Lip Chubby Mat Collection by


this on in particular is in the shade 06 MAGENTA

I have already reviewed another shade here on my blog so if you want to have a look to the review of shade 01 Nude Rose, here is the LINK

Debby is a made in Italy brand
so I'm sorry if you won't be able to find it outside this country
but I'm also confident that nowadays a lot of drugstore brands include in their lines some sort of chubby lipsticks anyway

This one is a matte product
but very very comfortable, and moisturising
with a good staying power
leaves your lips smooth and soft like a lipbalm

and the colour......

to die for

Magenta is the perfect shade for me...
I love blue toned pinks which enhances the white of the teeth (which I love)
and is super festive,
the perfect summer pink :)

I love the chubby stick packaging since I'm very bad at sharpening pencils 

As you can tell from the swatches on my lips and on my arm, this formulation although is called matte, it looks more satin than "dry matte"...
probably that's why this product goes on so easily and stays on very comfortably on the lips

I love it!

I'm sure if you live in Italy you can get Debby anywheres in Coin, or Upim or Acqua e Sapone
if you don't live in Italy, but you are planning to visit the country
maybe you want to remember this product... and try it out!


Mika xxx

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  1. This colour was made for you, love it!