Thursday, 27 August 2015

SEPHORA Happy Birthday 2015 REVIEW

Hello everyone!
Welcome back!

Today guys I wanted to show you what
this year has gifted me for my birthday.

Since I ever remember shopping in Sephora
every year I get a present from them

This year was an eyeshadow trio
or just 3 single eyeshadows

Once before (maybe few years ago) they gifted me with 2 of their single eyeshadows which I still have and like.

The shades I've got this year are:

N° 72 Movie Popcorn
(which is the lightest shade a shimmery highlighting shade, 
very pretty)

N° 49 Be On The A-List
(which is a cool tone brown more like a taupe, and it reminds me Satin Taupe by MAC)

N° 80 It Bag
(which is a warm toned brown/copper, I love it!)

At first when I saw the gift for 2015 I was a bit disappointed
since I know what Sephora gives to all of their customers over the US and Canada much better gifts
with brands such as Nars.

But then after swatching this shadows I changed my mind
since their quality is very good
great colour pay off 
vibrant shades
brilliant formulation

I already used the 3 shades for a makeup look and I love them!

What did you get from Sephora this year for your birthday?

Let me know


Mika xxx


  1. Such a cute package! I dont think they have this in sephora canada! Nice!


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