Wednesday, 30 September 2015

INSTAmonth September 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to my


September Edition

Yeah even this month has finished... 
we've go ahead of us only 3 other months before this 2015 will end.

Since last month I've started doing this kind of blog post for the last day of the month
sharing the best and more significative pictures from the month of September
from my Instagram account

Here there are


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain 03 Strawberry Kissed REVIEW

Hello everyone
and welcome back to my blog.

Today's blog post is about this product by Sephora

I usually don't like Sephora makeup, I don't know why, 
but the few things I've tried in the past never really stole my heart for some reasons

This time instead it's different

I heard for a long time about this lip product by Sephora
everybody on Youtube seemed to love it 
So one day I was in my local Sephora and I decided to try it out

I'm talking about the


I only got two shades, also cause the selection here in Italy is very limited
I think there are available only 6 shades in total,
and I've seen that in the US there are a lot more

Anyway today I'm showing the brightest colour

the shade 03
Strawberry Kissed

and it is this beautiful strawberry red colour
if you like blue/cool toned red
you'll LOVE this one

It comes in a "lip gloss packaging"
it is super easy to apply
it has got a nice sweet scent which make it more pleasant to apply on the lips
(some lip stain usually have a very chemical scent, which is not really the best)

As soon you apply it on your lips the product sets matte
but a super comfortable matte
like velvet
you don't even feel it on the lips
you can EAT
and KISS

this lip stain really stays on a long time!!

Have you ever tried this product by Sephora?

Let me know :)


Mika xxx

Monday, 28 September 2015

Shout Out TAG - My Favourite Youtubers | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Thanks to my friend BeautyChemCam for mentioning/tagging me :)

I have to say sorry if I wasn't able to mention all of my favourites youtubers, there are loads of other beautiful girls I love watching and I admire, but unfortunately you can only pick one person for question...

I hope you enjoy this tag, and feel free to do it as well :)


1. Who was the first YouTuber you discovered? What was the video?
Julia Graf 

2. Who is the most recent YouTuber you subscribed to?

3. Did any YouTubers inspire you to start your own channel?

4. Name a YouTuber(s) that has been with you since the beginning of your channel. 
(earliest subscribers)

5. Name a YouTuber you've followed since their beginning.

6. Name a YouTuber whose creativity you love.

7. Name a YouTuber whose positivity you love.

8. Name a YouTuber whose honesty you admire.

9. Name a YouTuber who always makes you laugh.

10. Name a super friendly YouTuber. 
(someone who is always leaving you comments or replying to yours)

11. Name a YouTuber who always makes you add things to your wishlist.

12. Name a YouTuber who has a similar taste as you.

13. Name a YouTuber who has a different taste, but you still love their channel.

14. Name a YouTuber who impresses you with the amount of videos they put up.

15. Name a YouTuber who always voices their thoughts well.

16. Give a shout out to someone with less than 500 subscribers,
someone with more than 10k subscribers, and someone in the middle.

less than 500 - MissJessiBel

More than 10 k - ttsandra



Mika xxx

Sunday, 27 September 2015

NOTD // MODELS OWN Pro Nail Polish in Clay Away

Hello everyone!

Can you believe this?
Today is the last Sunday of September............................

Scary stuff... how come time flies so fast as you get older.. 
and when you were younger seemed so slow :(
Does anybody know why?

Anyways today is a Nails day

I panted my nails with a nail polish by

Models Own
from their Pro Line
which I'm not totally sure is is still available since it says on the bottle that it is a

the colour I'm wearing is

Clay Away

and like the name suggests
it is a clay colour, sort of green olives/grey

I love this shades
I own a few
I think this colour is very sophisticated
and elegant

Do you like this kind of colours?

let me know


Mika xxx

Saturday, 26 September 2015

ELIZABETH ARDEN Sunkissed Pearls Gel Eye Liner REVIEW

Hello everyone and welcome back :)

Today I wanted to talk about a new gel liner I've been testing out.

It is from the high end brand


Sunkissed Pearls Collection
which came out last spring 2015

In this collection there are 2 bronzers
3 creamy stick eyeshadows
and 3 lip glosses

plus the gel eyeliner

I Love gel eyeliners and even though lately I've been testing out liquid eyeliners
(and I like them)
I think gels are much easy to control and hence
I'm able to achieve a better result


this gel liner comes in a pot
glass jar and a small brush
which is actually really good, in fact
I've been using it this instead of my favourite eyeliner brushes.

The shade is 
Deep Sea Pearl
and it is just a super matte black

What I love about this gel liner is the consistency
it is creamy and easy to apply
but it sets, it stays put without moving or smudging

It has a real strong stay power
and It works lovely even on the water line

here's what it says on the website

"A highly-pigmented gel eye liner in sleek black,
perfect to complete any look.
Rich with emollients and natural oils, this liner glides
on with ease to enhance and define eyes. 
Sunkissed Pearls Gel Eye Liner is encased in a glass pot
with a small angled eye liner brush for precise application."

I find this description very accurate and I totally agree :)

I'm not sure if you will be able to get it again, since it is a limited edition
but apparently you can still get it on Elizabeth Arden website
for $22.00

 Have you tried this product?
What gel liner do you love and recommend?

Let me know


Mika xxx

Friday, 25 September 2015

OOTD End Of Summer 2015 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone! 

Summer is finally over and I'm so happy!!

I look forward to cooler months...
anyway even though summer is officially over and we are in fall..
here in Italy we still have some warm days.. 

That's why I call this End Of Summer outfit :)

Hope you like it!

What I'm wearing:

Sunglasses | Specsavers
Lipstick | Sleek Mystic
Necklace | Asos
Bag | H&M
Rings | Coin
Waistcoat | Asos
Dress | H&M
Shoes | H&M


Mika xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2015

RIMMEL London Good To Glow 001 Notting Hill Glow REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I'm going to talk about  a new liquid highlighter from the drugstore
which I have recently discovered

The brand is 


and I'm a huge fan of their foundations and lipsticks
So when I saw that they came out with this new product
(since I love highlighters)
I wanted to try it out.

This is their

liquid highlighter

the shade I've got is

001 Notting Hill Glow

This product comes in 3 different shades to suits more different skin tones

001 Notting Hill Glow
a pink based white

002 Piccadilly Glow
golden peach tone

003 Soho Glow
golden bronze tone

This is so beautiful
you can wear it on your body as well.

It leaves a wet highlighted effect
with shimmer  but without to make you a disco ball :)

Being a Rimmel London products also means
being very affordable
only £4.99

I didn't get the other 2 shades just because I personally prefer this colour more
I'd say the other 2 could be perfect for more deep skin tones.

Have you ever tried this product?

Give it a go :)

Mika xxx

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

NOTD // KIKO Power PRO Nail Lacquer 34 Verde Smeraldo

Hello everyone!
Welcome back :)

Today I wanted to test my last
Nail Polish shade
which I've got for my birthday
along 3 other beautiful shades which I have already reviewed here on my blog

This one is the shade

which in English means
Emerald Green

Beautiful shade
the only thing I noticed this time is that the colour doesn't seem to cover
the nail completely after 2 coats

As you can see it looks a bit transparent 

All the other 3 shades I've tried from the same line
were completely pigmented and able to cover my nails after 2 coats


I don't know what to say

I don't mind paint my nails 3 times but it is a bit time consuming
I don't know the reason why this shade needs more coats

I still love the colour
and the finish

Just you need to layer it more, that's all :)

Mika xxx

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

CATRICE Nail Polish Collection / Pictures

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Only yesterday I've uploaded on my
YouTube Channel

a new video
which is my
CATRICE Nail Polish Collection

I Love Nail Polish
I love Catrice Cosmetics

I think their nail polish is one of the best in Europe
(drugstore wise)

Low cost, good quality
and a huge selection of colours
finishes and effects

Have you ever tried Catrice?

Let me know


Mika xxx

Monday, 21 September 2015

CATRICE Nail Polish Collection | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone! 

Today I'm back with another brand Nail Polish Collection.

After Barry M, Models Own and KIKO
(all these are link down below)
it's time for CATRICE!

I Love Catrice Nail Polish, as you can see in fact I own a pretty big collection :)

I hope you enjoy this video !

BarryM Nail Polish Collection


MODELS OWN Nail Polish Collection


KIKO Nail Polish Collection



Mika xxx

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Hello everyone!
welcome back to my blog!

Third Sunday of September... yeah basically this month is already over
scary stuff, time goes so fast...........................

Anyway Today's blog post is about a product
I've been wanting to try for such a long time.

For some reasons, I waited so long before to get it
and finally I can say to have tried possibly the best
TOP COAT on the market


Since my time as youtube viewer I've seen beauty gurus bragging about this top coat
Actually the first time I've seen talking about Seche Vite was on Julia Graf video

I always wanted to try
but I was never in a position to make an order from a website which carries it

Finally Last winter I ordered it from 

Less than £10.00
14 ml of product

I've tried it and I have to admit that now I understand all this "big thing" around this product
It is worth

Even with just one thin coat you can notice a HUGE difference on the finish of your nail polish
Here for instance, I'm wearing a regular nail polish by KIKO
and I applied one layer of Seche Vite on my Index and Thumb fingernails

can you see the difference?

Definitely the best glossy top coat I have ever tired!

It takes any regular cheap nail polish to another level
making your manicure looking more "expensive" and PRO

If you are into nails
invest some money in this product

You will be very satisfied 

I AM :)

Mika xxx

Saturday, 19 September 2015

MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to today's blog post.

MAC Cosmetics is once again the main focus of my blog today.

I love MAC
and one of their product which I love the most are their lipsticks
in fact I think majority of my MAC collection is made with their Lipsticks.

I'm a Lipstick junky and any times I'm in MAC it seems that I buy a Lipstick
and my collection is quite big by now :)
Anyway today I'm showing this pretty pinky nude shade
from their 
MAC Matte Finish Lipstick
Please Me

on MAC website this lipstick is described as
Muted Rosy Tinted Pink

It is natural and pretty
comfortable to wear, even though has a matte finish
with a very good staying power

I like to wear it on its one
or combined with my
MAC Soar lip liner
the perfect combo!

Do you have this lipstick?
Let me know what you think about it?


Mika xxx

Finished & Reviewed #11 / Pictures

Hi everyone!

Back today showing my latest Empties or as I call them
Finished & Reviewed

I explain in depth all my thoughts on each of these items on the pictures
so If you are interested to know which of these I loved and which I have hated
what my video

here is the link in case you haven't seen it already

Some of the products mentioned are my long time favourites
like the John Frieda Shampoo <3
some others are new favourites
like the Yes To Carrots eye cream

Some others... I'm sorry I won't repurchase

Have you ever tried some of these items?

Let me know your thoughts on them if you have :)


Mika xxx

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Finished & Reviewed #11 | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone! 

Back again with another of mine Finished & Reviewed video.. 

today weirdly a lot of makeup items, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that last month I did reorganised my make up collection and I find out a lot of products completely gone off ready to be throw out...
so that's why in this video you will see more makeup than normal :)

Then I've got some Hair Products, some skin care products....

Check this out and I hope you find this useful :)

Some of the products mentioned in this video I've written a review on my blog:



Mika xxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Ray-Ban Sunglasses Collection / Pictures

Hi everyone and welcome back!!!!

If you follow me on my Youtube channel (MICHELA ismyname)
few days ago I have uploaded a video which was about my Ray-Ban Sunglasses Collection
here it is in case you haven't miss it

Anyway I Love wearing sunglasses all year around
and my favourite brand or designer of sunglasses is

I own only 4 pairs




My favourite pair is the Original Wayfarer Classic
I Love it so much!!!

Which one of these above do you think suits me better??

let me know


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

NOTD // KIKO Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 842 Rosa Profondo

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today NAILS again!

Few weeks ago I filmed a video about my KIKO Nail Polish Collection
and during filming the video I realised that few colours were never shown here on my blog so today is time for this beautiful pink shade
from the 
KIKO Quick Dry 
in 842

This colour is very pretty and girly
is the perfect Barbie pink
It dries super quick as the name of the line would implied
and as you can see from the pictures, it has a very nice glossy finish
I only apply 2 coats, without any top or base coat, so than you can see in trully the potential of this nail polish.

I love this shade and this formula!

If you have missed my video with the KIKO Nail Polish Collection
I will leave the link down below
to check it out

Do you own any KIKO Nail Polish?
Let me know your thoughts if you do!


Mika xxx

Monday, 14 September 2015

My Ray-Ban Sunglasses Collection | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hello everyone!

Welcome back!!!
Today I decided to share with you my Ray-Ban Sunglasses Collection.
If you know me by now, you know that I Have to wear sunglasses all the time... 
even in winter or in a cloudy day... 
and if I think about sunglasses the first thing that comes to mind is

I Love this brand.. and as it happened all my designer sunglasses are Ray-Ban!

Here's my small collection, hope you enjoy!



Mika xxx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Debby Lip Chubby Mat in 03 Strong Red REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

Second Sunday of September
wow... this month is going fast!!

Anyway my review for today is another of the 
Lip Chubby Mat

Today I'm wearing the shade 
03 Strong Red 

If you follow my blog by now you already know what I think about this product
since this is my fourth shade I've talked about here in my blog.

I love the formulation
a matte but yet super comfortable finish

the pigmentation is spectacular

I love the packaging 
and I love the price range
for less than 5 euro you definitely get a very good quality product without paying too much

the selection of colours is amazing
as I said I only own 4 out of the 12 shades available... 
but I'm sure I will pick up more colours in the near future!!

If you want to have a look to the other shades I have already reviewed here on my blog I will leave the link of the review down below

01 Nude Rose (LINK)
06 Magenta (LINK)
09 Bright Coral (LINK)


take care


Mika xxx

Saturday, 12 September 2015

KIKO Water Garden Yellow Dew Scrub REVIEW

Hello everyone :)
welcome back!

Over the last week I've been testing out this product by KIKO
It was gifted to me for my Birthday in a set with a body lotion as well.

If you missed the video of my Birthday Haul I will link it down below


I have never used a body scrub before
so I was very excited to try it out.

Loads of beauty youtubers claims that scrubbing your skin while showering is a must

So I wanted to see if I liked it.


This product by
is from their

and the one I've got is 

Yellow Dew
with a 
Vanilla & Orchid scent

I love Vanilla and mixed with the flower scent of the orchid makes this product even more amazing!

I use it in the shower and I love the feeling on my skin
I really massage it in and it leaves my skin so smooth and nicely scented 

I love it!

It comes in a big jar of 300 g
I love to use it combined with the lotion

My skin smell amazingly all day <3

What other body scrub you would recommend me?

I'd like to try more :)

Leave me a comment


Mika xxx

Friday, 11 September 2015

Grocery Haul (IT) | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Hi everyone!

Finally today I'm back with a grocery haul..
it has been requested from a lot of you,  but since I've been staying in Italy I didn't feel motivated to film a grocery haul, because I don't find grocery stores so interesting in here.

But then I thoughts, it might be boring for me but it could be interesting for someone who lives abroad?.. so that's why I filmed this video..

Let me know what  you think :)



Mika xxx

Thursday, 10 September 2015

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in SOAR REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

For more than a year I heard about this lip pencil by 
Everybody's mentioning it


even though I'm not a huge lip liner person
and also I don't like to buy lip liner from MAC because you cannot use them for their Back to Mac policy
I was too intrigue for not getting into the club
so one day I was in MAC and I decided to get it.

I'm talking about the well known
lip pencil


I must say I really love it
You get a lot of products for instance, far more than a standard lip pencil from the drugstore
So even though it is quite expensive, for my idea of lip liner budget, at least you get more products than usual!

This shade is beautiful
even on his own
it has certainly some 90s vibes
It looks like a mauve / nude with a hint of brown which makes it more warm
than a regular mauve lip colour would be

As I said I love wearing it on its own
makes your lips fuller for sure..

thanks Kyle J !!!

It is also perfect as a base for nude lipstick such as
Please Me or Mehr by MAC

Afteral I'm happy to have gotten this product

Have you tried it?

let me know :)

Mika xxx