Thursday, 10 September 2015

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in SOAR REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

For more than a year I heard about this lip pencil by 
Everybody's mentioning it


even though I'm not a huge lip liner person
and also I don't like to buy lip liner from MAC because you cannot use them for their Back to Mac policy
I was too intrigue for not getting into the club
so one day I was in MAC and I decided to get it.

I'm talking about the well known
lip pencil


I must say I really love it
You get a lot of products for instance, far more than a standard lip pencil from the drugstore
So even though it is quite expensive, for my idea of lip liner budget, at least you get more products than usual!

This shade is beautiful
even on his own
it has certainly some 90s vibes
It looks like a mauve / nude with a hint of brown which makes it more warm
than a regular mauve lip colour would be

As I said I love wearing it on its own
makes your lips fuller for sure..

thanks Kyle J !!!

It is also perfect as a base for nude lipstick such as
Please Me or Mehr by MAC

Afteral I'm happy to have gotten this product

Have you tried it?

let me know :)

Mika xxx

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