Monday, 7 September 2015

MAYBELLINE Master Sculpt 02 Medium Dark REVIEW

Hello everyone!
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Today I'm talking about a new product I recently got by



Master Sculpt

in the shade

02 Medium Dark

I like sculpting, I love contouring
and when I saw this product I felt the need to try it out
So I picked it up!

It came in 2 shades (a bit too limited I think, but I'm not sure if this is just here in Italy and maybe abroad there is a wider spectrum of colours, actually let me know in case you know)

The light one 01
and the darker one
02 Medium Dark (which is the one I've bought)

It comes with a bulky plastic packaging
way too big for what it contains
Yeah the packaging is definitely not too good, it feels cheap, like a toy :(

It has got a nice mirror in the inside and a brush (which I probably never use)

The product is divided in 2
One side the contour part (which is the bigger side) and side two the highlighter

Both of these products are powders
and usually I'm more a cream product fan, but I still wanted to try this one.

I love the contour shade
is slightly satin
so no totally matte but still barely visible once on the face
the shade itself is beautiful, not too orange just perfect for contouring (at least for my skin tone)

The highlighter I like a little bit less than the contour
just because it is not so shiny and instead I find it has a lot of silver glitters
and I'm not a huge fan of highlighters with glitters

But afterall it is a good drugstore product
I'm happy I bought it
probably I will end up finish the contour without digging the highlighter at all

But I don't mind :)

Have you ever tried this product?
If yes, let me know what you think :)
leave me a comment

Let me know what's your favourite sculpting product


Mika xxx

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