Sunday, 20 September 2015


Hello everyone!
welcome back to my blog!

Third Sunday of September... yeah basically this month is already over
scary stuff, time goes so fast...........................

Anyway Today's blog post is about a product
I've been wanting to try for such a long time.

For some reasons, I waited so long before to get it
and finally I can say to have tried possibly the best
TOP COAT on the market


Since my time as youtube viewer I've seen beauty gurus bragging about this top coat
Actually the first time I've seen talking about Seche Vite was on Julia Graf video

I always wanted to try
but I was never in a position to make an order from a website which carries it

Finally Last winter I ordered it from 

Less than £10.00
14 ml of product

I've tried it and I have to admit that now I understand all this "big thing" around this product
It is worth

Even with just one thin coat you can notice a HUGE difference on the finish of your nail polish
Here for instance, I'm wearing a regular nail polish by KIKO
and I applied one layer of Seche Vite on my Index and Thumb fingernails

can you see the difference?

Definitely the best glossy top coat I have ever tired!

It takes any regular cheap nail polish to another level
making your manicure looking more "expensive" and PRO

If you are into nails
invest some money in this product

You will be very satisfied 

I AM :)

Mika xxx

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