Tuesday, 29 September 2015

SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain 03 Strawberry Kissed REVIEW

Hello everyone
and welcome back to my blog.

Today's blog post is about this product by Sephora

I usually don't like Sephora makeup, I don't know why, 
but the few things I've tried in the past never really stole my heart for some reasons

This time instead it's different

I heard for a long time about this lip product by Sephora
everybody on Youtube seemed to love it 
So one day I was in my local Sephora and I decided to try it out

I'm talking about the


I only got two shades, also cause the selection here in Italy is very limited
I think there are available only 6 shades in total,
and I've seen that in the US there are a lot more

Anyway today I'm showing the brightest colour

the shade 03
Strawberry Kissed

and it is this beautiful strawberry red colour
if you like blue/cool toned red
you'll LOVE this one

It comes in a "lip gloss packaging"
it is super easy to apply
it has got a nice sweet scent which make it more pleasant to apply on the lips
(some lip stain usually have a very chemical scent, which is not really the best)

As soon you apply it on your lips the product sets matte
but a super comfortable matte
like velvet
you don't even feel it on the lips
you can EAT
and KISS

this lip stain really stays on a long time!!

Have you ever tried this product by Sephora?

Let me know :)


Mika xxx

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