Monday, 28 September 2015

Shout Out TAG - My Favourite Youtubers | MICHELA ismyname ♥

Thanks to my friend BeautyChemCam for mentioning/tagging me :)

I have to say sorry if I wasn't able to mention all of my favourites youtubers, there are loads of other beautiful girls I love watching and I admire, but unfortunately you can only pick one person for question...

I hope you enjoy this tag, and feel free to do it as well :)


1. Who was the first YouTuber you discovered? What was the video?
Julia Graf 

2. Who is the most recent YouTuber you subscribed to?

3. Did any YouTubers inspire you to start your own channel?

4. Name a YouTuber(s) that has been with you since the beginning of your channel. 
(earliest subscribers)

5. Name a YouTuber you've followed since their beginning.

6. Name a YouTuber whose creativity you love.

7. Name a YouTuber whose positivity you love.

8. Name a YouTuber whose honesty you admire.

9. Name a YouTuber who always makes you laugh.

10. Name a super friendly YouTuber. 
(someone who is always leaving you comments or replying to yours)

11. Name a YouTuber who always makes you add things to your wishlist.

12. Name a YouTuber who has a similar taste as you.

13. Name a YouTuber who has a different taste, but you still love their channel.

14. Name a YouTuber who impresses you with the amount of videos they put up.

15. Name a YouTuber who always voices their thoughts well.

16. Give a shout out to someone with less than 500 subscribers,
someone with more than 10k subscribers, and someone in the middle.

less than 500 - MissJessiBel

More than 10 k - ttsandra



Mika xxx

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